Gem and Crystal Elixirs

Serenity Gem and Crystal Elixirs began as a prayer: " How can I best assess my Divine Guidance?" The answer  was channeled during meditation as a mixture of essential oils, crystal essences and herbs . Serenities Gem and Crystal Elixirs can be used like any aromatherapy product, prior to meditation or any form of healing work. They are capable of producing deep relaxation  and dramatic energy shifts in the human energy field detected via aura photography. The effect of consistent use is the gradual release of blockages that limit access to inner wisdom
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  • Archangel

    Aromatherapy spray for use in meditation, massage or during any form of energy work. Contains the energetic signatures of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Zadkiel, as well as crystal essences and essential oils for conscious connection to the angelic realm

  • Detach

    An aromatherapy spray for clearing and protection. Designed to protect energy workers and intuitive readers from the effects of lower vibrational energies. Can be used in place of, or in addition to use of sage for space clearing.

  • Psychic Development Elixir

    This patent-pending aromatherapy spray is for use during meditation, massage or any form of energy work. Use for chakra balancing and clearing blockages to accessing inner wisdom. Facilitates opening of the third-eye chakra, cleansing of the aura, the identification of self-sabotage, overcoming self-judgment and disconnection from co-dependency. Promotes inter-dimensional consciousness and an emerging confidence in psychic abilities.

  • Transformation

    An aromatherapy spray for personal attunement. This combination of essential oils and highly vibrating crystal essences works with Angelic energy to release blockages and undesirable energetic patterns that may have become trapped in our DNA as a result of loss, trauma or disappointment. Use prior to meditation or energy work to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Violet Flame

    An aromatherapy spray for invoking the "I Am" Presence. This combination of essential oils and crystal essences assists in calling forth the Divinity that is part of every incarnated soul .In dong so, it is possible to transform lower vibrational energies that cause the repetition of undesirable patterns and circumstances.


Testimonials for Serenity Crystal and Gem Elixirs

"I'm an Energy Healer: When I use the Psychic Development Spray, it makes me more sensitive to energy so that I actually feel naked without it".-David N

"I used the Archangel Spray: It made me feel so relaxed, connected and loved!" -Martha P

"I used multiple sprays. Here's what I have to say: 
Psychic Development: It opened my crown chakra like a beast! The top of my head was tingling and later that day, it was like people were drawn to me.
Transformation: It set the stage for me to release something I needed to let go of. I couldn't be happier.
Archangel: The angels in the room are so clear, particularly Archangel Raphael. His energy was so gentle and palpable.
Ascension Flame: Whoa! I just went up to space: I was up so high I saw the curve of the earth!
Violet Flame: It  was very intense. My vibration raised like 6 levels. I was just humming! It was incredible!"
-Meg W

"The Ascension spray was amazing! It opened my crown [chakra] and made me tingle! The aromatic effect was  wonderful and calming." Tami S