About Serenity
Serenity is the junction where Mind, Body and Spirit meet. It is a private practice incorporating  both traditional and complementary wellness therapies by Cynthia Higgins, MD.  Services include psychotherapy,  the angelically-mediated Integrated Energy Therapy®, Whole Life Integration and Angel Card Readings.  It  is founded upon the belief that we are more than our physical selves, and dedicated to those who seek true freedom from repetitive  and seemingly unhealed issues. 

We are inherently gifted, with our hearts, and Spirits being just as important to our recovery or success in life as the events causing us to seek professional care. There is no state of wellness that is not impacted by our connection to this innermost Source.  

The symptoms for which we seek help are frequently the "language" with which we communicate our unmet needs.  The condition that we seek to treat, whether it is depression, anxiety or chronic pain, often reflects our own inner awareness of what is no longer working in our lives. It would seem then that our most difficult challenges occur when we have lost this sense of "true North".

In reality, every person has access , whether actualized or dormant, to the personal power that serves as our unfailing navigation towards our hearts' desires for health and happiness.  It allows us to become the "creative Alchemist" of our own existence, capable of transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

Open the door to new possibilities...your magic is waiting!
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